Frequently Asked Questions – My Westmed Patient Portal

MyWestmed patient portal is a secure online website that gives you convenient 24-hour access to your personal health information and medical records. It’s known as your electronic health record or EHR. Use on any device with an Internet connection. Below are the most frequently asked questions about MyWestmed.

My Westmed Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Westmed?

My Westmed is a free, password protected patient portal that offers 24-hour access for Westmed patients. The My Westmed patient portal is designed to make it easier for patients to manage their day to day healthcare needs and access their health information securely anytime, anywhere – it’s best-in-class care at your fingertips.

The previous Patient Portal account has now been reactivated to provide you with read-only access to your medical history, lab results, messages and much more. By accessing this account, you are able to view and download important medical history and health information that was updated through November 16, 2021.

Why Sign up for My Westmed Patient Portal?

It offers you the following convenient features:

  • Access to personal health records
  • Convenient management of non-emergency healthcare
  • Direct communication with physicians through secure emails*
  • Access to lab results, medication and diagnoses lists
  • Schedule bill payment or request updates to personal and insurance information
  • Manage appointments
  • Online prescription renewals and referrals

*Note: Adolescent pediatric patients 13-17 and/or parents or legal guardians of pediatric patients 13-17, may opt to enable limited access to communicate with pediatric physicians via secure messaging by completing the My Westmed Online Family Access/Caregiver form. Visit this page for more information.

What types of appointments can be made on My Westmed?

The following types of appointments can be made:

  • Internal Medicine physical exam
  • New or active health problem appointments
  • Preventive well child appointments
  • Routine gynecologic exams
  • Routine obstetric appointments
  • Mammograms and bone density tests

How can you sign up for My Westmed?

Westmed announce the recent launch of Westmed’s new Electronic Health Record (EHR) includes the introduction of a new Westmed Patient Portal. Your existing My Westmed Portal and Mobile App are no longer accessible, so you will need to register for a new portal account by following a few simple steps.

If adult patient 18 years of age and older:
You must have an active email account in order to register.

  • Option 1 (Adults 18+): Adults 18+ can either register with one of our clerical associates at a Westmed medical office. Please remember to bring a valid picture ID with you
  • Option 2 (Adults 18+): Click here and look for the “My Westmed Online” box in the top right corner of the home page. Click on “Register Now” and follow the registration steps

If pediatric adolescent patient 13-17 years of age:

  • Registration for My Westmed for pediatric adolescent patient can be completed in-office only.
  • Pediatric adolescent patient must have an active email account in order to register.
  • Pediatric adolescent patients 13-17 enrolled in My Westmed will have limited access only to communicate with pediatric providers via secure messaging.

If Child Patient 0-12 years of age:

  • Registration for My Westmed for child 0-12 can be completed in-office only.
  • Parent or legal guardian must come prepared with proof of ID and/or guardianship certification such as the Court Order Appointing Guardianship and Letter of Guardianship.
  • My Westmed portal for child patient 0-12 will be active until the patient turns 13 years old, at which time the account will be terminated by Westmed.

Can I Pay my Bills Online?

Yes! Westmed’s enhanced online and mobile bill pay options make it easier than ever to manage your health care payments whereverwhenever.  Some benefits to online bill pay with Westmed?

  • Easy access to online statements via link sent to your preferred email or mobile device – no login registration required
  • Use your desktop, mobile, or tablet device to make payments anytime
  • View balance, pay bills or set up a payment plan
  • Pay via credit card, debit card, check or Apple Pay
  • Live Chat support available

Can I view a family member’s My Westmed Online record?

Yes you can. Through our Family Access program, Westmed allows spouses, adult children, legal guardians and other representatives to easily help a patient manage his/her health care needs.

  • Adult patients age 18 or older can give permission to another adult age 18 and older to access their My Westmed medical information online through our Family Access program.
  • Pediatric adolescent patients 13-17 Family Access forms must be completed in-person in the presence of a Westmed staff member.
  • A parent or legal guardian can also request Family Access to Westmed Online for children under 13 years old.
  • Legal guardians must provide a copy of the guardianship order.
  • If a caregiver cannot be present in-office, the My Westmed Family Access Authorization Form may completed and mailed to: Westmed, attn: Technical Support, 800 Westchester Avenue (Suite N715), Rye Brook NY 10573.

What do you need to know about My Westmed Family Access for a child under 13 years old?

Family Access for children is offered to help the parent or legal guardian oversees health for his/her child 0-12 years old. At any time of the day, you can view your child’s Westmed Online records, make well child exam appointments, send secure emails to your pediatrician and more.

Family Access requests for children 0-12 are processed in-person only with the parent or legal guardian present. A legal guardian must provide copies of the guardianship order.

What do you need to know about My Westmed Family Access for adult patient 18 years of age or older?

Family Access for adults is offered to help a representative oversee health care for another adult, such as an elderly parent or an adult child with disabilities. The adult patient must be 18 year of age or older. A legal guardian requesting access must provide a copy of the guardianship order.

Family Access for adult patients may be done in person with both the adult patient and representative present. A form must be completed and a valid picture ID must be presented. Family Access for adults may also be done by mail where a completed, notarized form is submitted, including a copy of the guardianship order if the representative is the legal guardian.

What do you need to know about My Westmed Family Access for a Pediatric Adolescent Patients 13-17?

Family Access for pediatric adolescents aged 13-17 is enabled to allow the patient’s parent or legal guardian to have limited access to communicate with the patient’s provider through secure messaging. Family Access requests for pediatric adolescents 13-17 are processed in-person only in the presence of a Westmed staff member.  A legal guardian must provide copies of the guardianship order.

How secure is My Westmed?

Westmed is committed to safeguarding your medical information. MyWestmed login portal is kept secure and confidential using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and encryption. All staff and physicians receive training and are accountable for protecting patient privacy.

We ask that you keep your password and user name completely confidential.

When is it not appropriate to use My Westmed?

My Westmed is not intended to replace office visits with your physician or assist you in medical emergencies. For all medical emergencies call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

If you have problems registering or using My Westmed Online, send an email as follows: